SWM SwissWealth Management

Founded in 2007, SwissWealth Management Ltd. (SWM) is an asset management company operating in the field of private and collective asset management, based in Lugano. SWM has a staff with many years’ experience in the Wealth & Asset Management sector, both nationally and internationally.
SWM is holder of the CISA Federal authorization (Fund Manager) and is therefore part of approximately 170 asset management companies of collective investment schemes subject to the Law on Collective Investment Schemes in Switzerland. Being subject to CISA, SWM has the ability to operate as a fund manager and distributor of investment funds registered for distribution by FINMA and adheres as an active member of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (SAAM).
Experience, along with familiarity in the industry and excellent infrastructure, provide a strong platform on which our wealth management activities are based.


SWM’s introductory sheet 


More than ever, in order to ensure high quality asset management, it is essential to resort to quality investment instruments that can guarantee a correct pricing, real liquidity and a substantial instrument transparency.


The starting point for SWM management solutions is clarity on what is being done. Great importance is placed on the quality of  reporting to the customer: a constant flow of transparent and detailed information. Parallel to this is a highly professional process of risk management based on modern analytical techniques and management.


The consultancy offered is targeted to the optimization of client resources. SWM and the client work together to find appropriate strategies, combining their respective vision of the market.


CISA authorized fund managers are subject to direct supervision by the Authority of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority – FINMA. This implies a further guarantee of the quality of service offered. Together with this authorization, SWM is subject to SAAM regulations (Swiss Association of Asset Managers) and applies strict ethical guidelines.